Brand Ambassadors

At Parmi Lifewear, we value the connections we make with people everywhere and believe in the power of a unique brand image. This is why we are partnering with a team of trusted and talented ambassadors across the country.

Our most important objective is to illuminate our community and inspire with simple and engaging content.

Our ambassadors are not just representatives of our brand; they embody the values and mission of Parmi Lifewear. Each one brings their own story, passion, and creativity, helping us to reach diverse audiences and foster loyal relationships. Whether through their social media presence, community involvement, or inspiring projects, they help us share our message of quality, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Jean-Michel Peloquin

From Montreal, Canada

"Actor, director, host, director of photography... Jean-Michel Péloquin is the man of a thousand hats. A talented man and an accomplished globetrotter (he has visited over 60 countries), the self-described anti-animator lives his life like a documentary, unfiltered and natural."

Get to be inspired by the man who travels around the globe, and who you'll have the chance to see on EXPAT, taking you from the Caribbean to Scandinavia, California and South America to surf, dive, biker and hiker.

"Consume wisely to encourage quality over quantity. Choose clothes that offer comfort for traveling and are versatile for any condition."

Jean-Michel Peloquin

Frico Du Sault

From Mont-Tremblant, Canada

Golf, tennis, downhill skiing, wakesurfing, soccer, fly fishing, mountain biking… You name it, and chances are that Frédérique (Frico) Du Sault has tried it. It was in the heart of Mont-Tremblant’s beautiful surroundings that young Frico fell in love with the great outdoors: The lake, the forest, the slopes all quickly became her expansive playground, a corner of paradise where she could move freely with her brothers, her sister and her friends.

Get to be inspired by the newest member of our Parmi family: A true lover of the outdoors who inspires us to embrace new adventures.