10 Tips for Enjoying Winter Running

There is no better remedy for seasonal depression than to keep moving in the winter. And beating the cold is even more fun when you’re well prepared.


10 Tips for Enjoying Winter Running

Release your endorphins. Set out to conquer magical landscapes. Rediscover your favourite trails covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow. Return with a peaceful mind, a warm heart, and legs that are more than satisfied. There is no better remedy for seasonal depression than to keep moving in the winter. And beating the cold is even more fun when you’re well prepared.

Here are 10 tips to enjoy winter running.

1) Choose the Right Moment
To avoid letting the cold drag you down, go for a run when you have the most energy. Do you like getting up at dawn? Your morning jog will give you the boost you need to conquer your day. Do you have a lunch break? Great, you will get to enjoy the sunlight. Do you prefer to train in the evening? It’s a perfect time to empty your mind before you tackle your list of chores for the night.

2) Add Some Sunshine to Your Playlist
Collect all the best summer hits and create a playlist that you can’t resist moving to. From Sean Paul to Clay and Friends or Luke Combs, fill your ears with up-tempo sounds that will help you keep the pace.

3) Dress Appropriately
Choose materials that wick away moisture and withstand the elements. Prefer several layers to one or two thick coats. To be comfortable throughout your outing, you should feel a slight shiver before you start. And, above all, don’t forget your accessories!

Winter Running Essentials:
· For the top: a base layer close to the skin, made of wool or synthetic fibre that wick away perspiration and help keep you dry, and a lightweight, breathable, water-repellent, and wind-resistant jacket.
· For the bottom: good running tights with a warm lining (Parmi Merino Jogger is a perfect choice).
· Accessories: an insulated headband that stays in place, gloves, merino socks, and a mask (or neck warmer) for the coldest days.

4) Make Sure the Shoe Fits
You, of course, but also the surface you’re going to be running on.
· Plowed and maintained surface: waterproof or usual road running shoes
· Snowy and slippery surface: waterproof trail running shoes
· Unmaintained, sometimes icy surface: running ice spikes
Another interesting option for people moving from one surface to another: removable traction devices that go over the usual running shoes.

5) Start Slow
When it’s cold, the body takes longer to warm up. Stretch indoors before going outside and start at a slow trot to prevent injury. You can speed up – or not – when your legs and joints are accustomed to the temperature.

6) Mix It Up
Take advantage of the cold season to discover new trails. By switching your routes, you will feed your motivation and create new winter memories. Avoid open spaces where the winds often blow in gusts such as fields, meadows, or parks without trees. Choose the mountains, forest, or city sidewalks where the buildings will protect you from heavy winds.

7) Loop the Loop
If you’re used to completing errands after your jog in the summer, you will most likely prefer changing your routine for the winter. Because of perspiration, your body temperature will quickly cool down, making walking back with your purchases quite the chilly experience. Seek refuge in the warmth immediately after finishing.

Outdoor insight:
Why not run home from the office? This way you can avoid being crammed on the public transit or stuck in traffic and put your mind at ease after a busy day at work. It’s a simple and convenient way to take care of your body and the planet at the same time.

8) Plan Your Post-Run
Hot chocolate, hearty soup, rest by the fireplace, wool socks, merino sweater and candles – always plan a relaxing moment after your run. If you drove to go for a run on the trails, leave an isolated travel tumbler in your car filled with your favourite hot drink to warm your hands and heart after putting in the effort.

9) Find Running Mates
Time flies when you’re in good company. There are several running groups in the city and suburbs – some are even free to join!

10) Make Running a Part of Your Lifestyle
Plan a road trip to discover new running areas. Look for cozy, hygge places to rest after your outings. Buy clothes that you’ll want to wear both on-the-go and relaxing on your couch. Try new energizing recipes. When you integrate running into your everyday lifestyle, you won’t want to stop – not even in the winter.

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By Parmi Editorial Team
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