Embracing Simplicity: 5 Benefits of Travelling Light

The first time you go on vacation without a suitcase bursting with clothing options can be a challenge, but it won’t be long before you enjoy the benefits: For your wallet, for yourself, and for the environment.

Embracing Simplicity: 5 Benefits of Travelling Light

How many times have you stuffed your luggage to capacity, only to realize that several of your clothes sat dormant at the bottom of your suitcase throughout your entire trip? Those clothes that you carried with you everywhere – in airports, at train stations, in taxis, on sidewalks – probably for long distances, all… for… nothing. According to a 2019 American survey, 65% of people consider packing to be stressful. That same study also revealed that roughly a quarter of the things we bring with us on a trip remain untouched until we return home.[1]

Here’s a thought: Why not keep your luggage – and your headspace – light?

This article details five benefits of travelling only with your favourite essentials. By focusing on versatile clothing that can be worn in a myriad of contexts and for a variety of occasions, it’s ultimately a win-win: Smartly prepare for your trip and consume better.


The days of no-charge checked baggage are long gone. Most airlines these days do not include baggage fees in the price of a plane ticket. Thus, bringing only one bag or carry-on will have you saving on extra fees as well as minimizing those unnecessary purchases before departure! (You know, all those things we buy that fall into the “just in case” category.) And that’s even without considering the risks of loss and theft that obviously reduce considerably when limiting yourself to carry-on luggage.


Have you ever taken the subway with a large suitcase in hand? The stairs that need to be climbed, the luggage wheels that inevitably get stuck in the gap between the platform and the subway car, fellow passengers who complain that you're taking up (way) too much space... This is not the best – or the most stress-free – way to start your vacation. Travelling light promotes mobility and flexibility and enables you to mingle with the locals on public transportation. And by bringing versatile clothing items, there's no risk that you won’t be able to participate in an activity because you didn’t wear the proper clothing, whether you’re going on a boat cruise, visiting a museum, or hopping on a bike. You’ll have the right clothes with you… whenever and wherever.


Arriving five hours before your flight’s scheduled departure to check your bags; Waiting 45 minutes at the carousel; Twiddling your thumbs at customs while your suitcase is searched inside and out; Unpacking your bags / Repacking your bags. Instead of spending so much time taking care of your stuff, spend more exploring your destinations!


Are you familiar with the term “decision fatigue”? Decision fatigue refers to an inability to make decisions after being exposed to too much information and as a result feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious or stressed. Travelling has its fair share of the unexpected and the unknown: new places; new languages; new customs; and oftentimes more. Why push yourself to your breaking point by forcing yourself to decide upon a new outfit every day? You’ll enjoy peace of mind by simplifying your clothing options, boosting your ability to savour the present and plunge headfirst into discovery mode.


The heavier the baggage = the more fuel required to transport it. Imagine the impact it would make if everyone switched to minimalism! Travelling light also means eliminating superfluousness: Things such as disposable items; large plastic packaging; and clothes bought on impulse before leaving. Focus instead on bringing quality, durable and highly versatile essentials that will enhance your adventures and help reduce your ecological footprint.


  • Bring clothes that will be suitable for 80% of your outings. The evening dress you were considering bringing just in case you hit that fancy restaurant? Leave it at home.
  • Choose breathable materials that release moisture and don't retain odours, such as Merino wool. These can be worn again and again… and again.
  • Bring a few small, unique accessories to enhance your look if needed.
  • Make sure you have access to a washing machine or laundry service and do your laundry on-site.
  • If you are travelling as a couple or with a friend, simply share the same suitcase and avoid bringing everything twice.
  • Finally, the most important thing to do when travelling light is to rely on a few super-versatile essentials that you’ll be just as comfortable wearing in a café as you would on the mountains or at the theatre.

The first time you go on vacation without a suitcase bursting with clothing options can be a challenge, but it won’t be long before you enjoy the benefits: For your wallet, for yourself, and for the environment.

Here are some perfect essentials for the globetrotters who enjoy travelling light:

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