How Multi-Use and Multi-Style Clothing Is Making Life Simpler

Its cut, its colours, its fabric and its technical details are adaptable to various environments and activities, meaning you don’t have to change your outfit several times during the same day. 

How Multi-Use and Multi-Style Clothing Is Making Life Simpler||Comment le multifonction et le multistyle vous simplifient la vie

Two concepts that we’re hearing more and more about in the worlds of fashion and the outdoors are “multi-use” and “multi-style.” But what do they mean? A multi-use and multi-style garment is like a chameleon: Its cut, its colours, its fabric and its technical details are adaptable to various environments and activities, meaning you don’t have to change your outfit several times during the same day. 

When our team launched Parmi, a primary goal was to offer outdoor enthusiasts a variety of extremely versatile and resistant essentials, especially designed for active lifestyles. Here’s how the Parmi community has taken the multi-use and multi-style properties of our collection to heart, enabling them to do more with less.


Robert, Mont-Tremblant (QC)


“I’ve just returned from a two-week vacation in southern Italy, and throughout my entire time there I only wore Parmi clothing. The products are so well crafted and lightweight that for the first time in my life, I was able to travel to Europe with just a carry-on. We did a lot of driving, walking and hiking and my wardrobe was perfect for ALL our activities – I even wore my Parmi clothes for dinners at the end of the day. To add to this, we had a few bad weather days, and the clothes did what they were supposed to do: They were windproof and waterproof, keeping me warm and dry during those inclement periods.”


Elisabeth, Lac Beauport (QC)


“The more I wear Parmi clothes, the more I love them! I’ve discovered the many advantages of simplifying my wardrobe: In addition to making me feel good about myself, the joy of having to make fewer decisions daily means reducing my stress-level and leaving me with more time to enjoy the activities themselves. The neutral tones are easy to match with different outfits, whether for sports, cocktails or at the office.”

“For instance, Bridge pants are quite chic and comfortable whether on the plane or in a restaurant, in addition to being light and quick drying, making them ideal for hiking. The Merino crew neck sweater and the Peu Importe crop top are my mountain bike essentials, and they’re also perfect for après-bike worn with either shorts or pants. This versatility is also practical for lightening luggage, an after-sports bag, and the laundry load!”

Helena, Vancouver (BC)


“As an avid cyclist, runner and swimmer, I’m always on the hunt for stylish products that have exceptional quality, storage space, and key colours for mixing and matching products. Monday to Friday, I make sure to do my 10,000 steps every day, including a workout, so sometimes I need to prepare my day and outfit in advance to ensure the clothes I'm wearing support my training plans. Details matter and Parmi has them locked down to the tens.” 

“The other day I needed to be in the office by 8:00 a.m. for an 8:30 a.m. meeting. I knew that by wearing Bridge Pants, a Grand Air long sleeve shirt and a Crossroads Lightweight insulated jacket I’d be able to bike to work and still look put together for my meeting. The clothes dry super-quickly (in case I work up a sweat), and their colours are sleek enough for after-work cocktails with friends.”


Sandie & Ed, Vancouver (BC)


“The value of Parmi’s clothing resides in the comfort. To know that I can put on an item of clothing and never feel self-conscious, even when unexpected things come up throughout the day, is invaluable. I don’t want my clothing to limit my spontaneity!”

“Yesterday I went for a long walk with one of my clients, and I was wearing my Free Range Merino t-shirt. It was sunny, maybe 20 degrees, and I was so comfortable the entire time. In a normal cotton t-shirt, especially in a light colour, I would have worried about sweat in my armpit area and also the fabric’s tension and resistance to my movements. But with the Parmi t-shirt, I was super-relaxed and comfortable. When I got home, I was really surprised to see that my shirt was in perfect condition, with no smell and no signs of sweat. I literally I say I hung it up and pulled it out to wear it again today. I promise I’ll wash it… eventually. :P"


Jean-Philippe, Montreal (QC)

“I love my Merino crew neck sweater! I wear it for all occasions (and it is so easy to mix and match it with any bottoms): to start a round of golf, going for a walk, or taking my kids to school, and even at night to go to a restaurant or bar with my friends! It sports a clean look, the fabric is super-comfy and it never smells. I can honestly wear my garment multiple times in between washings. Love to skip laundry once in a while!

At first glance you might wonder why Parmi’s clothing prices are a bit higher, but you come to really understand the value of their products' versatility, quality and durability when you start wearing them. They’re totally worth it!”


And how about you? What activities do you enjoy while wearing Parmi’s clothing line? For even more advice for how to simplify your life, take a look at our tips for decluttering your closet right here.

By Parmi Editorial Team


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