Parmi, Bringing You Portuguese Mastery

Upon receiving your first Parmi Lifewear order, you might notice the name of this scenic European country on some of our labels.

Parmi, Bringing You Portuguese Mastery

Made in Portugal.

Upon receiving your first Parmi Lifewear order, you might notice the name of this scenic European country on some of our labels. Nested between the Atlantic Ocean and the summits of Alvão National Park, in a suburb outside of Porto, the facility where we manufacture our products is a token of durability, finest quality and respect.

A Tradition of Confecções
A beloved surfing and cycling destination, Portugal is also world-renowned for garment manufacturing. Just like timeless and durable clothes, the art of tailorship is passed down from one generation to the next.

“The fashion industry is well developed in Portugal,” notes Michèle Bastien, Founder and Head of Strategy and Operations at Parmi. “People are proud to work in this field and their working conditions are great. Sewing, for example, is a highly coveted trade. It’s an expertise that transcends time.”

Thanks to this rich tradition that keeps evolving amongst technological advances, our team can rely on seasoned experts that set themselves apart through their discipline and the care they put into their work. Two essential qualities to create a collection that’s made – down to the last detail – to adapt to everyday life and the unpredictability of nature.


An industry in full expansion: listen to Radio-Canada Reportage.

An Inspiring Natural Paradise
Luscious greenery, colourful buildings, stunning landscapes, diverse ecosystems; the Portuguese great outdoors is an endless source of inspiration for a brand like Parmi. Its cobblestone streets lined with orange trees, offering breathtaking views on the mountains lying on the horizon, are the stuff of dreams.

“There are birds chirping everywhere. People take the time to eat their meals outside. They have a real concern for their well-being and that of their environment, and those are values weshare as well,” continues Michèle. “We feel like we are in the right place to create durable,
responsible and high-quality goods that respect the life around us.”

It’s just as if the refined scenery and sophisticated people tinted our garments for the better.

Fresh air fact:
Did you know that Portugal was the first country to lower the VAT on bicycles in
order to reduce the use of motorized vehicles, promote everyday cycling, and protect the environment?

A Compromise-Free Partnership
In the land of high-end fabrics, at the intersection of fashion and the outdoors, our products are designed in the spirit of openness and dialogue, allowing us to bring our ideas even further.

Our materials and textiles are chosen with the greatest care, and our techniques and methods remain transparent from start of finish.

“In Portugal, we found true partners that support our growth and development,” concludes Michèle. “It is a true privilege to collaborate with such qualified people that share and respect our environmental and social values. We feel heard, and we feel that our desire to create products that break the cycle of overconsumption is taken seriously.”

Traceability. Respect of the environment. Solar energy park. Good working conditions. Cleanliness of the facilities. Innovation and technology.

Inspired by a mission to simplify the outdoor experience, Parmi Lifewear ventures off the beaten paths to craft conscious premium lifewear essentials that adapt to everyday life and the unpredictability of nature. From America to Europe, the city to the mountains, our quest for quality and sustainability never ends so future generations can continue to thrive in the great outdoors. Take a look at our Limited Drop .01 for a preview of what to expect in the spring of 2023.

By Parmi Editorial Team
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