The Best Pit Stops in Quebec for Outdoor Lovers

We’ve put together a list of 10 locations in Quebec that will make your adventures – in the city or the mountain – even more enjoyable, whether you’re flying solo, or with friends or family.

The Best Pit Stops in Quebec for Outdoor Lovers||Les meilleurs pit stops plein air du Québec

If you’re like us, then you enjoy topping off your outdoor excursions with one of life’s simple pleasures, like a coffee, a pastry, or a cold beer. We’ve put together a list of 10 locations in Quebec that will make your adventures – in the city or the mountain – even more enjoyable, whether you’re flying solo, or with friends or family.

1. 83 Nord, Mont-Tremblant
Surrounded by nature, this quaint neighbourhood grocery store ranks among Mont-Tremblant’s best discoveries. Opened in 2021, it is modern, super-friendly and tastefully decorated, and is the ideal place to relax after cross-country skiing, cycling or a run on the P’tit Train de Nord’s trails. Stop in for a muffin (gluten or gluten-free) and a coffee brewed from local coffee roaster Narval Café Lab, or stock up on local artisanal products.

2. Messorem, Sud-Ouest, Montréal
Wait a minute… A local microbrewery that encourages active transportation? Yeah, we’re all-in on that. Located near the Lachine Canal, Messorem is a friendly place where fans of good hoppy beers congregate, but it’s also home to cyclists who are looking to cool off after riding Montreal’s bike paths. There’s a large terrace with picnic tables, and a unique structure made from old pieces of machinery that serves as a bike rack.

3. Buvette du moulin, Lac-Beauport
Looking for tasty comfort food, a beer or a cocktail after skiing, fat biking or cycling? This refreshment bar with its Scandinavian décor and heated terrace is ideal.

4. Merci la vie, Saint-Sauveur
A café-bakery that has taken up residence in an old barn, Merci la vie makes the best pizzas in the area along with a host of fresh and satisfying dishes. Plus, this gourmet paradise is very close to its people. Experience it once, and you’ll be going back every time you take a trip to the mountain.

5. Café Les Cousins, Québec
Did that morning jog on the Plains of Abraham give you an appetite? Then make sure to stop by Café Les Cousins on Cartier Avenue. This French-influenced café-bakery is home to delicious, fresh sandwiches and tasty prepared meals, to eat in or take out.


Passionate about photography ever since she was a little girl, our lovely photographer Elisabeth has a gift for capturing the beauty that surrounds her – whether that might be a spectacular coniferous forest or an Instagram-worthy small business. Wherever she goes, her intuition inevitably leads her to discover a host of picturesque sites and breathtaking landscapes, while favourite corners in her native region also hold a special place in her heart.

6. Café Apollo, Beaupré
Located a few metres from the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Café Apollo’s minimalist décor clashes with the old-fashioned character of the village. Visitors will find themselves slowly easing into the café, whether in the company of family or friends, as they build their strength back following a cross-country ski excursion among Mont Sainte-Anne’s 184 kilometres of trails.

7. Café Olive, Québec
This mini third wave café located in Quebec City’s Upper Town serves a cortado (or an affogato in the summer!) that you’d swear comes straight from the heavens. Nestled between historic buildings on Cartier Avenue, it’s easy to spot by its black-and-white-striped awning. Café Olive makes for the perfect pit stop after a run in Montcalm’s streets or on the Plains!

8. La Souche, Stoneham
Located in the heart of Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Le Souche welcomes one-and-all in a friendly and warm atmosphere. With “A forest of flavours” as its slogan, make no mistake, this microbrewery serves an impressive range of nature-inspired beers and prepared meals to help you on the road to recovery after a demanding mountain bike ride or fat biking at Empire 47.

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9. Biscotti & cie, Chelsea
If you plan to take in the Outaouais and Gatineau Park region in all their glory, you really should complete your outing at the Biscotti & cie gourmet café, just a few steps from the Chelsea Visitor Centre. Cozy up in a comfy ottoman in the loft and savour decadent desserts and delicious hot chocolate. And it’s a magical place for families!

10. Chocolaterie Arioum, Montreal
A hidden gem in Montreal’s metropolitan area, the Île-de-la-Visitation nature park stretches along Rivière des Prairies and has 8.5 kilometres of walking, cycling and skiing trails, in addition to friendly hills where kids can enjoy sliding or sledding. Put the cherry on the cake by stopping at Chocolaterie Arioum, located on charming stretch of Gouin Boulevard. Pro-tip: try the white hot chocolate – you won't regret it!

And how about you? What are your preferred pit stops?

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By Parmi Editorial Team


Serge bellefeuille

WoW j’ai découvert votre site et vainement grâce à Dominik Ménard cyclise YouTuber qui présentement pédale jusqu’en Patagonie et il semble utiliser vos produits. Je vais assurément explorer un peu plus votre site et en plus que vous être au Québec.
Un pitstop que j’ai beaucoup aimer est le: Pittstop Vélo-Café – Bromont, bon café, belle boutique de vélo, vainement et accessoires, très convivial et des pizza juste trop bonne.

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