2024 Amazing News

At Parmi, everything we do is driven by the desire to do more with less. Today, we are extremely proud to say that all available product prices have been adjusted.

This announcement supports our vision to provide our entire community the means to consume less and to consume better.


The following questions are the frequently asked questions about our new pricing strategy. If you are still unsure about something after reading the answers below, please contact our Customer Care team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Everything You Need to Know

For the past year, our team has been constantly innovating to simplify your outdoor experience.

And in our quest to pursue this mission, we recently decided to adopt a new strategy: moving forward we will purposely limit the number of distribution intermediaries to focus on what matters most to us – our customers.

This will allow us to review and reduce our prices, while maintaining the same premium quality, durable and highly versatile essentials.

More transparency, fairer prices, and always the same superior quality.

We are proud to say that all available product prices have been adjusted.

Some more than others, but on average, you'll be able to enjoy a 15% reduction on the original prices.

Example :

All Trail Tee -

  • 2023 price : $150
  • 2024 new price : $120

Of course!

Parmi is always working to offer the same uncompromising quality.

All thoughtfully considered, we have partnered up with trusted manufacturers from Canada, Italy, Portugal & Lithuania, which were chosen because they met our quality standards and stood out for their level of expertise, high technology, attention to detail, internal values and sustainable consciousness.

Yes, everything stays the same.

Same product quality, same shopping experience, same exchange and return policy and same warranty. Just more accessible prices for you.

Yes, the prices will remain the same through all our distribution channels.

You’ll be able to find your Parmi essentials on our website, in pop-up stores, during special events (details coming soon) and using the “drop ship” method at selected retailers’ websites, such as Altitude Sports. 

Thus, we’ll maintain control of your Parmi experience and ensure it meets our strict standards.

" We sincerely thank you for the trust you have shown in us since our beginnings. Thanks to you, Parmi was able to take off and continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the outdoor and design industry. " - Michèle Bastien, Founder