Unmatched quality

Northern Weather Bundles

Northern Weather Bundles

Create Your Own Bundle

Build your outfit by selecting a minimum of 2 items from the NORTHERN WEATHER COLLECTION and save 20% on regular prices.

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European Craftmanship

Each Parmi drop offers care-free luxury essentials standing the test of time. Clean aesthetic, tone-on-tone looks and sophisticated details make up our creative signature.

All thoughtfully considered, we have partnered up with trusted manufacturers from Italy, Portugal & Lithuania, which were chosen because they met our quality standards and stood out for their level of expertise, high technology, internal values and sustainable consciousness.

High Quality. No Compromising.

The materials and components we use are a key element in our commitment to high quality and the environment.

We use high quality and durable fabrics to maximize the apparel long-term durability, organic yarns for all their unique advantages and we will choose recycled raw material when it is proven that the quality and longevity remains as good as the non-recycled fibre material.

If it's the wind, wet or freezing temperatures - we've got you covered.