From the ride to the BBQ: How Parmi Is Rethinking the Cycling Experience

To simplify the cycling experience, Parmi relies on essentials that sport a more relaxed style and give cyclists a sense of confidence. 

From the ride to the BBQ: How Parmi Is Rethinking the Cycling Experience||De la ride à la terrasse : Comment Parmi repense l’expérience vélo


In 2015, sisters Véronik and Michèle Bastien placed their careers in advertising on hold to embark on a project that was near and dear to their hearts: Together they founded PEPPERMINT Cycling, an unequivocally feminine cycling clothing brand that was enthusiastically received by the cycling community. Today, the in-depth knowledge the two sisters have acquired enables Parmi to offer cyclists – regardless of their skill level, body shape or preferred type of riding – a collection suited for their sport of choice as well as everyday life.

Exploring cycling in all its forms

Like Parmi’s other co-founders, the Bastien sisters have a modern vision for the sport they have been passionately enjoying for over a decade: “In our opinion, cycling should be a simple and inclusive activity. It should give people an opportunity to experience moments of both pleasure and intensity, always while in comfort. People should be able to let loose on the trails, and then meet up afterwards with friends and enjoy a refreshing beer and a good BBQ,” they explained. 

Parmi’s products are suitable for all types of cycling outings – from road cycling, dirt biking or mountain biking, to family outings either in town or in the woods – and all that happens afterwards. It only takes a few hybrid pieces from the collection to enjoy cycling in all its forms… and with no compromises.





A look that inspires confidence

To simplify the cycling experience, Parmi relies on essentials that sport a more relaxed style and give cyclists a sense of confidence. Each piece is cleverly designed with a simple and clean look – devoid of big logos, flashy colours and glitz and glam – to provide a modern, all-purpose style. “There’s no need to feel like you're stepping out of your comfort zone and having to dress up,” the sisters said with a laugh. “We really want people to feel like they can be themselves while enjoying the sport they love.”

Technical details for the win

Just because Parmi’s clothing line doesn’t have a “performance” look doesn't mean its cycling apparel doesn't perform. Au contraire! Parmi’s clothing is made using the industry’s most sophisticated materials and equipped with advanced technical features, ensuring absolute comfort for cyclists while on their bikes as well as afterwards.     



Looking for inspiration to create your go-to cycling outfit for this season? Here are our team's favourites.


Michèle’s kit:

 Women’s Peu Importe Crop Tee and Women’s All-Trail Bib Shorts

 “I love the crop top and its upper arm pocket. It’s a loose, yet feminine cut using strong material that dries super-quickly. I like pairing it with the All-Trail bib which, thanks to its matte-finish fabric and its amazing Italian chamois, ensures I stay both stylish and comfortable during my outings with my daughters, even when I make a pit-stop for an ice cream… or at the microbrewery.”      



Patrick’s kit: 

Zipperless jersey and Men’s Informal Bib Shorts 

“When I go on long outings, I like wearing slightly more technical pieces like the Zipperless jersey and the Sage Brush Informal bib. Honestly, it’s the most comfortable bib I've ever worn: The knit is ultra-stretchy and soft, and the flexible and light elastic suspenders mean I move easily and efficiently. I’ll even wear it sometimes with a short-sleeved shirt when I don't have time to change before picking up the kids. It means I go incognito!”



Mathieu’s kit: 

Men’s All-Trail SS Tee, Men’s Simpli Under Shorts and Men’s Bridge Shorts 

“This is the ideal kit for mountain biking. The All-Trail Tee is breathable and has a great stretch, and I love the combination of the ultra-light and breathable undershorts with the Bridge pants. With their jogger-look and super-stretchy, lightweight fabric, the Bridge pants are ideal for both riding and everyday life. Their length also gives a modern and less baggy look.”



Véronik’s kit:

Unisex Coast SS Shirt, Women's Informal Bib Shorts and Women's Bridge Shorts

“I like maintaining a feminine look, even when I’m riding. This SS shirt perfectly embodies an ‘athletic-chic’ style, with its small pocket on the chest and its nice long length allowing the fabric to be tied at the waist. For cycling, I wear it with the Informal Bib Shorts and the Bridge Shorts which dry super quickly and provide excellent freedom of movement. I love their denim-shorts-look and super-stretchy, lightweight fabric). If I’ve got something planned after my outing, I simply take off my bike shorts and I’m good to go.”




By Parmi Editorial Team
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