We are Parmi

Born and designed in the Canadian landscape and made in Europe with the finest technology and a sustainable production path, we make the best high quality lifewear essentials good for every part of your active lifestyle.

We are rooted at the intersection where cycling, outdoor living, innovation and fashion cross paths and we aim to simplify closets by developing mindfully considered multi-use & multi-style products that facilitate every part of your life whether you are in town, on the trail or in the nature of a mountain.

Canadian entrepreneurs join forces to imagine a better outdoor

To drive progress in the outdoor industry, we have chosen to rewrite established rules, create game-changing product approaches and new informal styles, and explore tracks, which are off the beaten paths.

We are committed to make a holistic contribution to society and the environment, which is why we will follow two actionable paths to drive our vision and ensure it remains relevant on the long run: Minimal Waste & Maximal Usefulness

Parmi Lifewear promises an infinite playground, much like the infinite lifespan of its products.

Simplify The Outdoor Experience.

Born in the Canadian Landscape
Canadian brand established in Mont-Tremblant where the outdoors is the real life.
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Delight Experience
Personalized Service. Simple Buying Process. Fast Shipping. Simple Returns.
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Never Tolerate Compromise
A quality that stands the test of time, and an assurance of a cleaner tomorrow.
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Responsible Fashion
Oeko-Tex, Bluesign® & GOTS certified material, audited factories and 100% eco-friendly packaging.
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Your Lifestyle is the Best Style

Ride everyday
Bike Life

Inspired by a desire to make cycling simpler and more inclusive and designed with the best European suppliers in the industry.

Live the city
Urban Style

Inspired by the beauty of the city. Music, art and culture are brilliant sparks of our diverse world.

Enjoy the freedom
Trail Wear

Inspired by the beauty of the Alpes, where there is no limit, with summits that keep blowing our minds every morning.

Wear it Outside. Wear it Out.

From original classics to innovative garments, we value simplicity, and we believe that a well-designed, premium garment doesn’t need to be loud and flashy, it simply speaks for itself. We design with a smart creative approach because we believe a sustainable product is one with a long lifespan, so we won’t compromise for cost, fashion or gimmicks.

Good for every part of your active lifestyle - from the trails to the asphalt.