Denis Jouglard: The European Wind in the Sails of Parmi

We spoke with our Technical Designer and cycling clothing savant about his role within our team.

Denis Jouglard: The European Wind in the Sails of Parmi||Denis Jouglard : le vent européen dans les voiles de Parmi

After working in London for several years, Denis Jouglard returned to the Alps that saw him grow up. Nowadays, with an outdoor paradise as his backyard, he puts raw materials to the test to unearth the best technical solutions for Parmi. We spoke with our Technical Designer and cycling clothing savant about his role within our team.


Q: You’re based in Europe. Why is your location considered an asset for Parmi?
Europe is fertile ground for exploration where a multitude of outdoor activities intertwines with an abundance of clothing trends and cultural characteristics. It’s also known for its ancestral knowledge, its high standards for quality, and the guaranteed rights of its workers. Being here, in the heart of the French Alps, I can wear prototypes and innovative products every day to ensure they’re the perfect partners for outdoor adventures before offering them to Parmi customers.

Q: Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?
In my opinion, the key is to dare to venture outside our usual paths to find good ideas. I don’t limit myself to looking at the brands within our industry, I draw my inspiration from different sources like graphic arts or a variety of sports. I participated in the America’s Cup (sailing), for example, and I discovered great advancements that could benefit the skiing and cycling worlds.


Q: Speaking of cycling, we know you’re a big fan! How does your athletic background help you in your work?
Cycling is a sport that teaches us to strive toward excellence, to never give up. It taught me determination, which I use to push myself in my research and my work. It’s also an excellent lab for testing products and manufacturing details because. In cycling, clothing must be forgotten so it doesn’t interfere with your focus and effort. It’s this spirit of minimalism and complementarity that drives the design of our clothing at Parmi.

Q: How do you manage to combine the technical and design aspects in a collection like Parmi that strives to be an every day, multi-use, multi-style clothing brand?
You must find the right balance between the need for technical use and the possibility of wearing the product in everyday life. We strive to offer sleek and sophisticated designs while keeping the functional features that are specific to outdoor clothing. The technical details are minimal, but they remain essential.

Q: The selection of raw materials is key for Parmi Lifewear. Could you tell us about that?
All the materials used to create Parmi products are chosen because they meet the requirements of outdoor sports while being suitable for a more relaxed, urban setting. Selecting materials is like a sophisticated process in which we focus on finding a balance between innovation, durability and environmental sustainability.

Q: Why does Parmi Lifewear stand out?
Parmi Lifewear products are thought out, designed, and built to stand the test of time. We’re not looking to create clothing that revolves around aesthetic trends. Our clothes should not enter the cycle of overconsumption. Instead, they should be passed down from one generation of nature lovers to the next.

Inspired by a mission to simplify the outdoor experience, Parmi Lifewear ventures off the beaten paths to craft conscious premium lifewear essentials that adapt to everyday life and the unpredictability of nature. From America to Europe, the city to the mountains, our quest for quality and sustainability never ends so future generations can continue to thrive in the great outdoors. Take a look at our Limited Drop .01 for a preview of what to expect in the spring of 2023.

By Parmi Editorial Team
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