Parmi, More Than a Simple Name

Parmi was founded after a long creative journey. We wanted to touch the mind and heart of our community.

Parmi, More Than a Simple Name||Parmi, plus qu’un simple nom


Parmi was founded after a long creative journey. It was important for the team to find a unique name with a strong meaning for people to easily remember and understand. We wanted to touch the mind and heart of our community.

Born in our hometown in Mont-Tremblant and proud of our local heritage, it was quite a challenge to find a name that was easy to pronounce in French and in English. Luckily, when we found Parmi, we knew we had found the one because not only does it have a French pronunciation, but it also carries a genuine and unifying meaning in French.

Parmi is French for “among”, “amongst”, “In the middle of”, “Surrounded by”, “Within”, “Included”.

That is exactly what we are all about. We want to create and belong to something greater than ourselves. A community of like-minded people, all sharing the same path towards a simpler path to enjoy the great outdoors. You can be in a group, parmi your friends. One parmi many. Or alone parmi the trees. Either way, Parmi is a pledge of unity and community.

In addition to referring to the social side, we have adopted Parmi as a symbol of the intersections and bridges we want to cross with this brand: Parmi is the outdoors among the city, culture among nature, fashion among performance, youth among the great outdoors, laughter among adrenaline.

And if we push the exercise a bit further, Parmi also evokes our vision and values.

  • Purpose - We exist to give people smarter alternatives for their outdoor lives.
  • Accessibility - We simplify the outdoors to make it easier for everyone.
  • Respect - We consider our surroundings and our people in every aspect of our work.
  • Mobilization - We are community-driven and we activate our networks.
  • Inspiration - We want to get people to go out and play. We want to pass our love of nature to anyone who meets us.

This results in a strong, original, and distinguished word, which when used in an outdoor and cycling context, develops a whole other creative edge. We automatically liked the sound of the "i" ... it's smiling, also suitable for a brand that speaks to men, women and kids, and the "i" sound also reminds us of premium Italian brands.

Plus, parmi is a word that is naturally plural, inclusive and social. It is, in all its unique simplicity, easy to remember and refer to.



Our logo, our path, is also inspired by the embodiment of our sense of community and an invitation to share a collective vision.There’s always a path. It’s either already there or yours to create.

The path as a direction: a way to express our vision to our people, reinforce our foundation as a brand and express our end goal: a simplified outdoor experience.

The path as a connection: where we break from the preconceived mindset of the outdoor industry and reach outside to create new inspiring opportunities. The possibilities are infinite and this is why our trail never ends, no matter where we’re heading to.


By Parmi Editorial Team
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