Pertex® and Parmi: a Pairing that’s Made to Last

Parmi Product & Innovation Team has decided to work with Pertex®, a brand recognized for its technical, lightweight and durable fabrics, and increasingly sought after in the outdoor industry. 

Pertex® and Parmi: a Pairing that’s Made to Last||Pertex® x Parmi : un mariage parfait sur toutes les coutures

All outdoor enthusiasts know about Gore-Tex®, and probably have at least one item in their wardrobe which features this proven waterproofing technology. Parmi Product & Innovation Team has however decides differently and chose to use Pertex®, a brand recognized for its technical, lightweight and durable fabrics, and increasingly sought after in the outdoor industry. Why did we make this choice? We’ll share the details in the following article.


What is Pertex®?

Founded in 1979, Pertex® is a brand of premium fabrics sourced in Japan that was created with one primary goal in mind: moisture wicking. Thanks to an innovative nylon weave, Pertex® membranes quickly evaporate sweat so garments remain dry and pleasant to wear. This is why it’s used in the manufacturing of down garments and sleeping bags, among other things.

Pertex® fabrics have been refined over the years to meet specific needs in extreme outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, running, and hiking. Designed to offer lightness, protection and comfort in both summer and winter, Pertex® combines technical knowledge with an understanding of various terrains to adapt to a variety of weather conditions and environments.


Why choose Pertex®?

There are many reasons why we opted for Pertex® fabrics, but chief among them is it’s versatility! While Gore-Tex® technologies are mainly focused on waterproofing and durability, Pertex® materials are also appropriate to wear in a more urban context. Very breathable and compressible, they’re just as suited for a hike up the mountain as for a pit stop at the neighbourhood café. And that’s exactly what we want: Doing more with the same product.

Thanks to its flexibility and softness, Pertex® materials are also discreet. Say “goodbye” to the infamous crunch emitted from those classic shells that are designed with only the outdoors in mind! A Pertex® garment goes everywhere… without a sound. 


Pertex® Shield and Pertex® Quantum: the two headliners

Parmi's current collection includes two types of Pertex® fabrics: Pertex® Shield and Pertex® Quantum. 

Durable, water-repellent, and extremely breathable, Pertex® Shield fabrics are made to brave the elements, without the usual stiffness and heaviness associated with waterproof materials. Our All Weather jacket for women or men, made from recycled Pertex® Shield, is ultra-light and stretchy. It’s a must-have for riding or running on the trails, or for going to brunch on a rainy Sunday morning. All year round, whatever Mother Nature has in store.



Meanwhile, Pertex® Quantum fabrics are designed to maintain warmth, whatever the adventure. With superior active insulation thanks to an ultra-tight weave that is unique in the market, and with just enough air permeability, garments are both ultra-breathable and perfectly windproof. Ensuring warmth and style for any occasion, the light insulated Crossroads vest exemplifies what Pertex® Quantum membranes achieve.



Breathable. Waterproof. Compressible. Versatile. Durable. Flexible.

Pertex® fabrics tick all the boxes and are comfortable to wear for any occasion.


By Parmi Editorial Team
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