Virginie Brunet: A Visionary of Timeless Simplicity

As the Head of Design for Parmi Lifewear, Virginie Brunet masters the art of designing technical clothing.

Virginie Brunet: A Visionary of Timeless Simplicity||Virginie Brunet, une visionnaire et passionnée du design

As the Head of Design for Parmi Lifewear, Virginie Brunet masters the art of designing technical clothing. From choosing innovative fabrics to drawing out new products, the experienced designer plays a lead role in developing garments that perfectly combine functionality and style.

Q: How would you describe Parmi Lifewear clothing?

A: Consciously and carefully crafted clothing that is adapted to everyday life – all of it – down to the last detail. We want to offer garments that meet our criteria of simplicity, comfort, style, and durability. Garments that will be used throughout their entire life cycle.

Q: You mentioned “entire life cycle.” What’s the meaning behind it?

A: We say that our product paths never end. We want our clothing to travel from one outdoor enthusiast to another. From one generation to another. It’s important to reach those who are leaning towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle with these types of timeless garments.

Q: Why does Parmi Lifewear clothing stand out from other brands?

A: Parmi stands out because it’s always striving for innovation in design and showing transparency in everything it does. We truly aim to educate people and inspire them to shop more responsibly by choosing high quality, versatile and durable clothing.

Q: In terms of design, what is your vision for Parmi Lifewear?

A: Simple, yet sophisticated. Inclusive, yet unique. Timeless, yet evolving. Eco-conscious, yet trendy. I envision functional and comfort designs that speak through the quality of their materials, lines, and details.


Q: How do you combine technicity with fashion in Parmi Lifewear clothing designs?

A: In my opinion, the perfect mix of technicity and style is the key to a successful design. My goal is always to meet people’s functional needs all the while satisfying their sense of style. I bet on a unique, refined, and timeless colour palette to highlight the versatility and durability of the clothing, leaving space for the garments to evolve with trends.

Q: What keeps you inspired? Aside from design, what do you like to do in your spare time?

A: My passion for sports is what led me here. Most of my free time is spent playing sports – outdoor sports to be specific. They are my greatest source of inspiration because being outdoors allows me to clear my head to make room for my ideas. My creativity is fed by the constant search for innovation. It’s also the best way to test out the products.

Q: The Parmi Lifewear collection will be released this spring. What’s your favourite piece?

A: That’s a tough choice, but I would say the Crossroad Vest. It’s trendy and very functional. Plus, thanks to its minimalist look, it’s just as perfect for a casual weekend outfit as it is for practising a physical activity. Pretty ideal!


Inspired by a mission to simplify the outdoor experience, Parmi Lifewear crafts conscious premium lifewear essentials that can be passed on from one generation of nature lovers to the next, encouraging consumers to simplify their wardrobe and do more with the garments they own. The first official drop will be launched in the spring of 2023.

By Parmi Editorial Team


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