Véronik Bastien: Parmi’s 4 promises to the community

It was essential for the co-founder and director of brand strategy that Parmi entered the high-end market with a  "no-bullshit" mindset, with strong values of inclusiveness and eco-responsibility.

Véronik Bastien: Parmi’s 4 promises to the community

When Véronik Bastien embarked on the Parmi adventure, she knew she wanted to simplify the outdoor experience by offering high-quality, versatile clothing designed for active lifestyles. But above all else, what she wanted was to create a groundbreaking brand that would become a reference point for outdoor enthusiasts. It was essential for the co-founder and director of brand strategy that Parmi entered the high-end market with a  "no-bullshit" mindset, with strong values of inclusiveness and eco-responsibility.


Parmi has enjoyed a successful launch year in 2023, which was made possible in conjunction with committed business partners, suppliers that truly care about the planet’s future, artists, athletes, families, city folks and mountain dwellers. They all share a passion for outdoor adventures and a desire to consume responsibly. Thanks to this ever-growing community, Parmi’s playground has no limits. And the company intends to continue playing an important role in driving change.

In its continuing efforts to promote change, Parmi is committed to keeping these four promises.

  1. Reducing overconsumption

The fashion industry is the world’s third-most polluting sector after food and construction, responsible for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of its wastewater. That’s why Parmi has chosen to place sustainable consumption at the heart of its vision and mission statement.

Véronik and her colleagues have been committed since Day One to creating clothing that defies trends, bad weather, and time. The Parmi line’s superior quality extends the clothing’s lifespan; versatility encourages the concept of doing more with less; and pricing that is higher than the average price point encourages more thoughtful purchase decisions. 

“We firmly believe that a strong brand has the power to encourage behavioural changes, with people thus becoming more aware of their lifestyle and consumption habits,” Véronik said. “This can be achieved with an inspiring brand identity and strong positioning: Parmi can help the community increase its awareness of the importance of consuming less… and consuming better.”


  1. Increasing outdoor accessibility

Guided by the principle of inclusivity, Parmi’s products are designed for everyone, notably offering a unisex line as well as sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

“The more a person feels good both inside and out, the more confident they feel,” Véronik emphasized.

The brand's accessibility promise also encourages trying different activities by – among other things – eliminating barriers that are clothing-related. A mountain bike shirt to go mountain biking isn’t a must, for instance, and Parmi's versatile, technical and meticulously designed clothing is proof positive of that.

Parmi is also working on a second-hand store to promote access to lower-priced clothing and promote circular fashion.



  1. Being transparent, always 

“We don’t hide anything from our customers: We don’t hide where we make our clothes, we don’t hide the origin of the materials, and we don’t hide the cost,” Véronik said.

Transparency is rooted in the company’s practices and guides its customer service. “If we see there could be a problem with a product, we take the initiative of communicating directly with our customers. Their satisfaction is our priority.”

Parmi has also adopted a simple, clear-cut approach to promote better understanding of its product offering. This includes digital tools such as a new app which will become available this fall. It will enable outdoor enthusiasts who’d like to learn more about Parmi – wherever they are – to interact with the brand’s seasoned customers via the website to get answers to questions they might have, or advice regarding the products.

“It’s a way to pass the microphone over to our clientele. We let our customers express themselves to inspire fellow outdoor enthusiasts and nurture the community.”


  1. Inspiring people to play outdoors

collective composed of people who have multiple levels of expertise and come from a variety of backgrounds; Where several different paths have intersected and from which new paths can be opened. 

“Above all else, what motivates us is sharing our love for nature and outdoor activities,” the businesswoman added. 

It's why Parmi has surrounded itself with ambassadors from all backgrounds like Florence Dostie-Ménard and Dominick Ménard, who instill in the community the desire to be active combined with the utmost respect for nature. In 2024, the brand’s fans will have the opportunity to meet new inspiring faces via its different channels.

And the path continues...

Inspired by its desire to simplify the outdoor experience, Parmi Lifewear ventures off the beaten path to create essentials that can be handed down from generation to generation. By offering durable, high-quality essentials, we want to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to simplify their wardrobe and to do more with less.


By Parmi Editorial Team


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